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WoF Warrant of Fitness

Most privately owned vehicles need a regular WoF. This includes cars, utes, trailers, motorbikes, caravans and small trucks. If your vehicle is for personal use,  is under 3,500kg, and you intend to drive on the road, this is the assessment you need. If you have a large vehicle, like a campervan or horse truck, and it’s over 3,500kg, you will need a Certificate of Fitness (CoF) instead.

At Stokes Valley Auto Repairs we want to get you back on the road as soon as possible. To help give your car the best possible chance of passing, have a look at the checklist below.

Pre-WoF checklist

To get back on the road as quickly as possible below is a checklist to follow before the WoF visit.

  • Lights
    Check all of your lights work. Check the indicators, park lights, brake lights, and headlights – both dimmed and high beams. Get a friend to help you or park your vehicle next to a window so you can see the reflection of the lights. Got a blown bulb? Bring your car in. We can replace most light bulbs on the spot.
  • Wipers
    Check your windscreen wipers are in good order. Does your windscreen washer deliver water onto the windscreen with each sweep without patches or smudging? If they need replacing we can sort that for you during your assessment.
  • Tyre pressure and tread 
    Pumped up tyres make it easier to grip the road and because they make your car more efficient, it saves you on fuel. Always check the recommended pressure readings for your car before you pump your tyres. You can also make sure your tyre is not bald by checking the tyre tread depth indicators. We can help here too. Oil
    Not enough oil can cause increased wear to your vehicle’s engine or cause it to seize up. Use the dipstick to assess how much oil you have. If the oil doesn’t reach the indicator mark on the dipstick, you need more oil. We can fill up your oil at the branch while you’re here – just let us know when you arrive.
  • Seats and seatbelts
    Before you arrive, check all the seatbelts are accessible for assessment, and have no tears or rips. And removing child safety seats and making sure any back seats are up will save you time.
  • Car boot
    Make sure your car boot is empty. This enables us to easily check the spare wheel so you spend less time at the branch.
  • WoF Expiry Date
    The WoF expiry date is calculated from the reference date. The reference dates are:
    Expired WoF or without a previous WoF: The date the vehicle passes the inspection
    Current WoF expiring in 14 days or less: The expiry date of the current WoF
    Current WoF expiring in more than 14 days: The date that is 14 days after the vehicle passes the inspection

Cost for Related Repairs

We call you if we discover any related repairs that may be required now or in the near future.