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Steering and Suspension Services

Stokes Valley Autor Repairs suspension and shock absorber services caters for a wide range of car suspension and shock absorber types, including standard shock absorbers, gas shocks, heavy duty shock absorbers for 4×4 and commercial vehicles and air adjustable shock absorber units. In addition to just shock absorbers, we service a variety of car suspension components including stabilizer bars and suspension springs.

steering and suspension
steering and suspension
steering and suspension

Why Do I Need To Have My Shock Absorbers Checked?

  1. A vehicle with defective shock absorbers can take as much as 2.6 metres extra to stop in an emergency – perhaps the difference between driving past an accident or being in one!
  2. Poor handling as a result of vehicle suspension issues can put you and your family at serious risk of having an accident
  3. Shock absorbers are vital for positive steering and safe braking
  4. Shock absorbers smooth out bumps, jolts and give stability for comfortable cruising at all speeds and the secure feeling of having all four wheels firmly on the ground

What Are The Danger Signs Of Worn Shock Absorbers?

  1. When your vehicle slides or fails to hug the road on bends
  2. When your tyres show bald patches
  3. When your vehicle nosedives or dips forward badly when braking
  4. When oil seeps out of your shock absorbers
  5. When your vehicle is unstable in side winds
  6. When your steering wheel vibrates while driving

Cost for Related Repairs

We call you if we discover any related repairs that may be required now or in the near future.